Friday, July 4, 2014

Parentis Draconis

As I was still in a bit of a fantasy mood, I decided to take the challenge about 'Bad Parents' in kind of a fun direction.  Actually my first thought was of a wizard and a succubus, but as I was roughing that out I came up with this instead, and I think this idea works better anyway.

Not much else to say on this one, I think the flow might be a little rough for some of the descriptions, but I couldn't come up with another way of saying it that I liked.  So here it is.

Parentis Draconis
            Lord Renos the Malefic stepped back to admire his work.
            The circle of power all but glowed in the light of the moon, the symbols carved into the earth in front of the mountain.  The mouth of the cavern loomed before him, leading deep into the rock.  In the center of the circle was the virgin sacrifice, slumped against the ropes that bound her tightly to a sturdy post.
            Renos brushed the grime from his robes and lit the torches set around the circle.
            “Unn Koh Eeay Rah,” he chanted.  “Unn Koh Eeay Rah.  Come forward dragon, Beast of Chaos and Pain.”
            Within moments a red glow rose from the depths of the cavern, and a massive gout of flame roared out of the mouth of the cave and into the night sky.
            The head of the great dragon followed, smoke trailing from its nostrils as its horns scraped sparks off the roof of the cave.  Coming forward enough that its shoulders cleared the cavern entrance the beast sat and lowered its head to observe Renos with one massive eye.
            “Really Reginald, are the theatrics necessary?”  She asked.  “This is why you only get custody of Tara every other weekend.”
            “My name is Lord Renos the Malefic,” Reginald huffed.  “I don’t see why that’s so difficult for you to remember, Catryn.”
            “Of course dear,” Catryn said as she ignored him, sweeping her head around to examine the ‘sacrifice’.
            Sniffing she nudged the girl with her beak, “Did you drug her again?”  She asked incredulously, glaring at Reginald.
            He crossed him arms and turned away, “She was being uncooperative, she gets that from you, you know.”
            A hot gust of wind blew his cloak around him.
            “Haven’t I told you,” Catryn’s voice loomed like smoke behind him, “Don’t turn your back on an angry dragon.”
            “Oh my God!” a groan came from the circle.  “Will you two please quit it?”
            Both man and dragon turned to the sound to see Tara struggling against the ropes that held her.
            “Dad!  Stop tying me up, it’s creepy.”  She cursed, shaking dark hair from her face, “And mom, either eat him or roast him, I don’t care which, but stop goading him!”
            “Oh dear,” Catryn raised a claw, “let me help you out of those ropes.”
            “You’ll do no such thing foul beast!” A voice boomed across the valley.
            The family turned to see the source of the shout, and bore witness to a fully-equipped rider bearing down on them.  Lance held high his gleaming plate mail reflected the moonlight and made him stand out in sharp contrast to the shadowed valley.
            “Oh god, not this again.” Tara muttered.
            The rider lowered his lance and charged at both Reginald and Catryn, as much as one can charge a fully grown dragon, both of whom lazily moved out of his path.
            “Ha ha!  Too right!”  The knight cheered as he rode up to Tara, “A moment, fair lady.  I shall set you free so we may ride into the sunset together.”
            “It’s midnight, asshat.”  Tara spat.  “Now go away.”
            The knight seemed taken aback and lifted his visor as his horse pawed nervously at the ground, clearly not enjoying being so near a dragon large enough to eat it whole.
            “But…My Lady,” the knight said, “I’ve come to aid you in your time of need.”
            “What I need,” Tara hissed, “is for helmet brained imbeciles like you to piss off!”
            With her exclamation Tara roared out a blast of fire which, while not nearly as sizable as her mother’s, was more than enough to startle the horse into bucking its rider into the dirt.
            The knight fought to his feet as his horse galloped away, dragging his lance with it.  Undeterred he drew his sword.
            “Clearly this foul sorcerer has cursed you with the essence of his beast.  Fear not, for I shall set you free.”
            Even as he readied his sword to cut the ropes Tara breathed out another stream of flame, burning away the ropes as she directed the fire at the ground beneath the man’s feet.
            As the knight hopped from foot to foot Tara stepped out of the ash and glared at the man, smoke still leaking out from between her teeth in thick wisps.
            “Per- Perhaps I should go retrieve my horse?”  The knight asked, lowering his sword.
            With no answer came beyond the amused huff of the giant dragon the knight turned and fled the circle at what he thought was a controlled march, but came off more as a whimpering scamper.
            Tara blew out a smoke ring, “You two sort your crap out, I’m going to my room.”
            “There’s some leftover cattle in the grotto if you’re hungry dear.”  Catryn called out as Tara disappeared into the darkness of the cave.
            “Thanks mom, good night dad.”
            The parents turned back to each other.
            “You know she’ll never meet a nice boy at this rate.”  Catryn said.
            “Good, no boy is good enough for her.” Reginald said.
            They stood in silence for a moment, listening to the distant sound of the knight calling for his horse.
            “So,” Reginald coughed, “See you in two weeks?”
            “Only because the court ordered it.” Catryn said as she ducked back inside the cave.
            Renos straightened his robes as he walked out into the valley.  His tower was a good distance away and he knew just which horse to steal.
            And just which knight to curse into a toad on the way.