Friday, February 17, 2012

Five things that I allow to stop me from writing

So there has obviously been a gap in my posting to this journal, I could make excuses about work or life or what-have-you.  But then this blog was started as a way for me to write about those things so blaming them for my not writing...yeah, that's not happening,

Instead I decided to dive back in with another top five.  No zombies this time folks, sticking with reality for the moment.  Not that this is five things that I allow to stop me from writing, you won't find writer's block on this list.  Actually I meant to post this last friday, which brings us to...

#5:  Procrastination.

I, am a lazy, lazy man.  I think it's true that we all will find excuses to avoid things we don't want to do, or are simply not in the mood for.


But at times I'll actually try to avoid things that I like doing.  Usually it's because I'm doing something else that I like and writing just couldn't break the tie.  But even with all the things I like doing I tend to not pick writing as often as I should.

#4:  Distractions.

Which brings me to the next item, or rather it would have brought me to this point but I got distracted watching M*A*S*H just now.  Between video games, TV and random shiny objects I tend to get sidetracked a little bit too easily.  I'd keep writing on this point but the rest of the list is demanding my attention.

#3:  Moodiness.

My writing is very affected by my mood, and usually not for the better.  When I have a good mood it's easy to write but I'm more easily distracted and when I'm in a lousy mood I don't want to do anything.  What I should do is either channel that positive energy or vent the negative.

...Then again, maybe not.

#2:  Scheduling.

I work a few different jobs (and still can't afford rent.)  Because of that there are some, very rare, days when I have a day off, but see items 5 through 3 for how those days go.  Most days are at least one of the jobs for half the day, and oftentimes it's both in the same day.  More often than not I leave the house and don't come back for around 15 hours.  Between finding time for food and sleep I don't have much time left for writing.

#1:  Sleepiness.

Ok this one is harder to avoid and work around.  Between all the work and other commitments on my time I have enough trouble finding time for sleep, never mind finding time for enough sleep.  And of course, when I'm tired I don't write.  Even when I manage to it isn't something I want to share.  But considering I wrote all this as stream of consciousness maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all.  All that said and done, time for bed.

Anyone care to join me?

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