Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction...on Thursday?!?

Figured since I finished it I might as well post it.  I almost feel like I'm being lazy with this story, but I really like how concise it is.  The challenge was to write a scene using four items from the list, and the visuals for these four leapt into my mind pretty much as you see them here.

I like this because it's almost like a poem actually.  I could expand it into a longer story, but I like the punch and the mystery it has being this short.  Anyway, enjoy.


            The road sign hangs crookedly on its post, rusted and illegible.  The wind pushing small clouds of dust over my feet.

            Carrion eaters swarm over a horse carcass nearby, so many that I could hardly see the white of the animal’s skull.

            I tear the badge from my chest and let it fall to the ground.  I'm not a sheriff anymore.

            He lies at my feet, cooling as his blood seeps into the dirt.  I pick up his guitar and start walking.

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