Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Mayhem at the Mall

So, if working three jobs at the local mall has given me anything (aside from a burning desire in my legs to be able to sit down at some point) it is that people are nuts.

I don't even mean the general level of crazy you might see when someone is shopping for something they need.  Or even the overblown behaviors people (myself included) can display while driving.  No I mean the flat-out, balls-to-the-wall completely looney tunes that show up in the retail world but come out in force this time of year.

Two perfect examples:

On Saturday the 24th I was working a hallway kiosk selling calendars, one of my jobs.  It wasn't too busy actually all things considered.  So there's a customer and I greet him like I do everyone.  He doesn't answer but instead steps up to my register and hands me the one calendar he's holding.  I pick up my scanner but he's walking away.  I shrug and put the one item aside, mildly annoyed but nothing major.

Except then he does it three more times.

When I take the fourth one from him I'm blatantly irritated, but I'm not letting it show.  I ask him "Are you all set?"  He stands there staring blankly, doesn't speak or even nod at me so I repeat the question.  He says yes then asks if I'm having a bad day.  I say no and keep my thoughts to myself.  But seriously, even taking miscommunication on both sides into account he was on my last nerve.

The other example was today, same job except now that it's after Christmas the calendars are supposed to be half off.  Turns out our register hadn't updated correctly so we had to fix that.  The first customer of the day was a woman who didn't know we were at half off (the sale signs hadn't been set up yet) so I can only imagine was willing to pay full price.  I let her know things were marked down so she comes up with her one item.  I ring it in but, since the computer wasn't updated correctly, it rang in at full price.

Now she refused to pay because it was the price she originally thought it would be, and instead stormed off in a huff.  Now, I could understand that if the signs were up and she thought from the outset that it would be less.  But instead she was upset that she would have to pay the price that she would have had to pay in the first place?  I even offered to get my manager to correct the issue but she refused.  Hey, no loss for me I suppose.

This is hardly the first time I have run into either of these types of shoppers.  I think that needs to be a Friday Five at some point, a Future Friday Five perhaps?  *makes a note*

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