Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Problem with the Job Market

Ok well to be fair there are several problems with the job market.  Too many people, not enough jobs, not enough money, gremlins, poor benefits, and more gremlins.

Seriously, the gremlins are in there, don't laugh.

The problem I'm referring to though is more personal...although I think some of the gremlins are singling me out.  But no, the problem I have with the job market is that, well...I don't have the skills I need to get out of the job rut I'm stuck in.

A brief explanation may be in order.  Since finishing college four years ago with my hard won (not really) BA in English I have worked a steady crapshoot of various retail and register work.  I've found a few full-time jobs with institutions like banks, but those have been short lived for various reasons.  In short, I did not go to college for particle physics, and the job experience I have lends itself primarily towards more retail work.

And.  I.  Am.  Sick.  Of.  Retail!

For many reasons, but the main one being that I cannot support myself with it.  I'm currently working three retail jobs and barely making ends meet.  This kind of needs to end.  I've tried temp agencies, but those don't go anywhere either.  I am exploring my options, but that's a rant for another post.

So really my problem with the job market is that there are not enough openings for me to escape the cage I'm locking myself in.  To get out of retail I need skills and experience from other types of work, to get skills and experience in other types of work I need to get out of retail.

There's a joke about vicious cycles in here, but the gremlins stole my sense of humor. Good night all.

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